Sand Bags

Tom Fontes and his soon-to-be stepson Rian Rogers shoveled sand into bags this afternoon in a light rain. The sand, the bags, and the shovel were all available behind Fire Station 193, on 1000 W. Risner Way in La Habra, on the Fullerton border abutting the last undeveloped portion of Coyote Hills.

Rian Rogers holds a bag while his soon-to-be stepfather, Tom Fontes, shovels sand behind Fire Station 193 in La Habra (photo credit-Cindy Cotter)

Fontes, who lives in La Mirada, has experience with sandbags.

“I did this with my father when I was about Rian’s age,” he said.

He called several fire stations to find the bags and the sand that he needs to protect his patio during the heavy rains expected over the next several days. Many broke as he tried to lift them into the back of his pickup, but Fontes wasn’t discouraged. It’s hard to complain when you’re getting something for nothing. Except for the shoveling and lifting.

–Cindy Cotter


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