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Fire Station 194 Has a New Home

I won’t be at La Habra Mayor Steve Simonian’s state of the city address tomorrow morning, but I think I can safely predict one of the accomplishments that he will announce.

In January 2007, Mayor James Gomez  said that property had been purchased  for a new fire station. Mayor Rose Espinoza said a retaining wall had been built in her 2008 address. Mayor Tom Beamish told the assemblage a year ago that construction had begun. And last night a crew of firefighters from Station 194 spent their first night in the newly-finished firehouse. Continue reading



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Planning Commission Recommends Approval of Hills Development

Last night, in what may be the beginning of the end of a thirty-year struggle, the Fullerton Planning Commission sent a proposal for the development of Fullerton’s last sizable open space to the city council with the recommendation that it be approved. In a five-to-one vote, the commission said yes to zoning changes that would allow Pacific Coast Homes, a subsidiary of Chevron, to build houses and commercial property on depleted oil fields in West Coyote Hills. Continue reading


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Do We Need Low-Cost Housing in the Hills?

West Coyote Hills, July 2009 (Photo credit:Cindy Cotter)

Finally someone’s asking how — or whether — the proposed development of West Coyote Hills meets Fullerton’s housing needs. The answer is, not very well so far.  Fullerton has an excess of high-end housing and a shortage of affordable homes, yet Planning Commissioner Doug Chaffee says he sees no low-income housing  in this plan to develop the last open space in the city.

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