Mike McGroarty

Mike McGroarty, former Fire Chief of La Habra, was honored at Station 193 Thursday morning. He died June 7. (Photo credit: Cindy Cotter)

This morning Mike McGroarty was honored at L.A. County Fire Station 193, in La Habra. McGroarty, former fire chief of the La Habra Fire Department, died June 7 of prostate cancer. Before leaving La Habra, he’d pushed for a station in the hills when new neighborhoods began to spring up in the former oil fields. Later he went on to a distinguished career in search and rescue and disaster management.


The ceremony was brief. Fire Chaplain Elvin Miranda spoke, a flag was raised to half mast, lowered, then ceremonially folded and presented to McGroarty’s wife, Dee.

A flag was raised to half-mast, then lowered as part of the memorial Thursday morning at Fire Station 193 in La Habra. (Photo credit: Cindy Cotter)

After being briefly flown at half mast, the flag was ceremonially folded. (Photo credit: Cindy Cotter)

Deputy Chief John Tripp presented the folded flag to Dee McGroarty, former chief Mike McGroarty's widow. (Photo credit: Cindy Cotter)

La Habra Mayor Steve Simonian and Councilwoman Rose Espinoza were among those who gathered to honor former Chief Mike McGroarty (Photo credit: Cindy Cotter)

Jarrod Dye, 3 years old, is practicing to follow in his father's footsteps. He's behind the wheel of Engine 29. 1929 was the the year that La Habra's first city fire department was formed. (Photo credit: Cindy Cotter)

The Orange County Register has excellent coverage of today’s memorial, including photos and a video.

A work-related biography from McGroarty’s own site.

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