Twilight Saga: Eclipse at the Regal

Starting Monday afternoon, crowds began setting up camp outside La Habra’s Regal 16 for last night’s midnight opening of Twilight Saga: Eclipse, the third movie in a series based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer.

Snack food and fast food were the orders of the day.

Jaime Alvarez, Monica Mendez and Lonna Polzine were among the first to arrive Monday afternoon at 3 with a group of friends and relatives from La Habra, Palmdale, Beaumont and Westminster.

“We’ve been planning it for months,” said Polzine.

In the foreground, Jaime Alvarez, Monica Mendez, and Lonna Polzine

They set up a tent for the night, eating sandwiches and snack foods that they brought with them and meals that friends delivered to them while they waited on the pavement outside the theater.

Katie Stein and Amie Brewster of La Habra

Katie Stein and Amie Brewster of La Habra shared the task of holding their spot with friends. Brewster came prepared with larger-than-life posters of the movie’s leading men.

By 10:30 p.m. some ticketholders had already been allowed into the theater, camping equipment had been packed up and stowed away, and the theater’s outdoor trash bins were overflowing with refuse from local fast food franchises.


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One response to “Twilight Saga: Eclipse at the Regal

  1. Daisy

    OMG my girls (Lonna&Monica) are so wonderful and crazy twilight fans!!
    I had so much fun and was extremely happy to be able to come and see Eclipse with yall. Love you guys and thanks for the memories 😀

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