Check Your Citrus Trees!

The California Citrus Research Board is asking local homeowners to help in the fight against a deadly citrus disease that is threatening  California orange growers and has struck for the first time in California right in our own backyard. Citrus greening has been detected in in Hacienda Heights. It wreaks havoc on citrus trees, first ruining the fruit, then killing the tree, and there’s no cure. It’s spread by a bug that’s been steadily advancing through California from Mexico, but not all bugs carry the disease, and till now no diseased trees had been found in the state. As is typical, the first diseased tree was found in a private yard, so officials are trying to recruit homeowners in the battle to save a major state industry.

Here’s an article in Ag Alert, the weekly newspaper of the California Farm Bureau Federation.

And here’s my earlier post on citrus psyllids.

UDATE (April 3, 2012): The California Department of Food and Agriculture will hold an informational meeting about citrus greening in the City of Industry Thursday night.



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2 responses to “Check Your Citrus Trees!

  1. Love this! The contrast looks amzniag and a very creative way of using the stamp. I’ve just discovered you have a nail blog . . . after years of reading your papercraft blog. I was thinking how cool this would be in shades of taupe kind of like wheel tracks!

  2. I told my grandmother how you helped. She said, “bake them a cake!”

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